CERT NO: 2006-2-1569

CERT NO: E12161

Innovating Globally thru' Technology

IG Tech Pte Ltd

We are a world leading manufacturer of high-precision metal components.
We offers high quality precision miniature machining parts with complex features. With in-house engineering assistance, professional machining experience, a full range of secondary operations, and our capabilities in prototype and low-volume production.

We also offer broad range of services to cater to the needs to our clients as their One Stop Solution provider.
Services such as Cleanroom Assembly, AQ Washing Line, Hydrocarbon Degreasing, Oven Baking etc.

We cover products to serve the following industries :

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Medical Equipment

Consumer Electronics



Why IG Tech

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best manufacturing solutions
to meet requirements of any complexity within the shortest possible time with high quality products.